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Create animated charts in Keynote

animated chart

If you want to create cool 3D animated charts with growing bars and such you can do them simply with Keynote in a few simple steps.


  1. Create the chart, menu: Insert / Chart.
  2. In the Inspector palette under the Charts section click Edit data and input your data.
  3. In the same area you can set up the looks of the chart.
  4. Now click the Build inspector (little yellow diamond) and within the Build in tab select the 3D-Grow effect.
  5. Here you can time the animation too.

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Kool! But if your budget is a bit higher, I'll recomment FusionCharts : )


Leo Valen
leo (a)

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That's really cool. :)

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PowerPoint does better!
C'mon you people join the normals!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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*cricket* *cricket*

Graphic, Web and Logo Designer from Pittsburgh, PA

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I think you meant to say PowerPoint is more common.

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Don't bother answering him. He is just joking about everything.

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But now, I have an unquenchable desire to play Jenga!

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Where can i find this keynote? Is this a plug-in in ai???

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In the Inspector palette click the Build inspector (little yellow diamond) and within the Build in tab select the 3D-Grow effect.

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How the heck did you get it to be an animated GIF? I got the chart looking nice, but sure can't figure out how to exported as an animated GIF.

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I exported it as Quicktime movie first. Then I dropped the movie to Photoshop. Then I exported it from Photoshop as animated gif.

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Leov: No one has any money anymore. Don't think higher, think lower.

Mr. Yuck: You remind me of the Apple commercial with the pc guy and mac guy. You're the pc guy!

Seiben: Jenga? Shouldn't you be looking for work?

alchemist: Google "keynote mac"

and finally, chriscoyier: Aren't you a bit off-topic? I believe that's a completely different post. Google "Screen capture"+gif+mac.

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You people are too easily amused, hence Macs!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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It's not the devil, Steve. It's just a another computer. One that works.

Ps.If you're the fake Steve Balmer, what did you do with the real one?

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The real Steve Balmer is busy washing the pit stains out of his shirts!

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If you are refering to those Monkey-boy videos:
This whole Monkey-boy conspiracy thing includes yet another FAKE film, I call it the "Developers, Developers". This my friends simply never happened! This film is not as grainy as the others and was obviously created by some other group than the other two films where they show me jumping, screaming, eating dirt, and generally losing my mind. This one had a higher budget, we suspect it had corporate backing (aapl). The actor in this one looks a lot like me, (Peter Boyle called me once and said it was him, he apologized, he said at the time he was being blackmailed so he did it). If that is not good enough, there is one dead give away: THE SWEAT! You see I do not sweat, I was born with a rare condition called Anhidrosis Glandofelimumia, I cannot sweat. I take medication weekly and always stay in cool environments. If I got hot like this guy I wouldn't sweat, I would swell up like a water balloon. The conspirators did not know this little known fact about me.
Spread the word, get the truth out, that's why I blog!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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Noob here.

How did you get a QUICKTIME movie to open in photoshop? I can't seem to get that to work! :/

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Just drag the movie to Photoshop. I think you need at least CS3.

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