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The missing plug-in

One of the forum members posted a burning question about Illustrator.

Why doesn't Illustrator have a Collect for Output function, that would collect all the images, fonts and other files needed for a complete package to transfer a job? Why do I need to remember every single file name and font I used in a document? If Quark and Freehand can do it, how come Illustrator can't? How come no third party developer focused on this opportunity yet? In the OS9 days, there was a little application, that independently from Illustrator analyzed the Illustrator file and tried to search for all the files linked to it, but it never worked correctly for me. But, Today there is nothing. One has to do it manually.

Please, if you know of some app that I missed or if you're a developer with some free time willing to make such a plug-in, let me know!

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Ivan, there is at least one piece of software, actually. Code Line Communications (the guys behind Color Consultant Pro) has this product named Art Files which claims that "Art Files is a stand-alone application that takes the tedious task of collecting Illustrator documents, linked images and fonts for graphics files and turns it into a simple point & click operation."

You simply drop an Illustrator file on it and it scans that file for all dependencies. Nice and easy. There is also a very useful feature of creating a read-me file containing special instructions and contact data.

I hope this helps. Kit

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It definitely does help! Thanks a lot Kit!

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Or you could just use "Save As..." and embed all the links in the resulting dialog box. As far as your fonts go, when the "Save As..." is complete, Select All then Create Outlines from all the text and hit cmd+s. That will do it... Since Illustrator doesn't allow multiple pages anyway, I don't see the point of collecting for output. Illustrator isn't really designed for page layout. I don't want anyone to be able to modify (beyond reason) my Illustrator files once they leave my desk, so providing fonts and digging up links seems like a fat waste of time.

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im with you on that. more over, if i am sending the job out for output (as the plug-in would suggest) it's much much more safe -in terms of getting what i expect- to convert the text to outlines anyway.

the more files you give a vendor, the more chances it's going to be mucked up.

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becuase I do a lot of package design, label design, etc. - most of which I do exclusively in AI. I often have a lable or package with photography or multiple product shots on various panels, so a collect for output feature is not an exclusive need to "page layout." I've used art filed before and it's great, particularly for collecting multiple illustrator documents that may share photos or background images. As far as converting to outlines, I typically do that for most projects, but most of the big packaging items are printed in China and they need to be able to make minor copy changes.

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