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Zatacka X

My brother is currently developing the sequel to his "achtung, die kurve!"-clone, Zatacka X.

It's a very simplistic computer game, almost like that worm game you would get on old mobile phones, except it's a multi-player game where the goal is to get the opponents to collide in you, hence the subtle connection of the characters.

I have shown him black and white roughs, and he said this one was almost perfect compared to what he had in mind, so I'm continuing to work with this one.

Apparently the raster file got messed up, so the quality on the attachments is reduced, sorry about that.

Zatacka Black and White.jpg44.72 KB
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Click "Original" to see it in better quality.

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Nicely constructed. Solid. Have you explored connecting the Z to the a? I know the shapes don't make it easy... it just seems a bit lonely. Probably way too far down the track... but could you use an X instead of a Z? Sounds like a Z as in Xerox and it'd solve the tightness plus mirror the symbol.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.


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Thanks for your feedback.

You make a great point about the somewhat disjointed Z - I will explore the possibilities of "attaching" it a bit more.

Regarding changing the name, I doubt that would be wise, as it's the sequel of another game called "Zatacka" (or perhaps more of an update). The X is not just a random symbol, but it's a letter in the name. The updated version is called "Zatacka X".

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Thought it might be a stretch changing at this point. It's a fine name as it is.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.


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The fact that the vertical bar of the "t" is disconnected makes it a little confusing whether it's supposed to read "Zatacka" or "Zalacka" upon closer inspection. I agree with the whole connected letters thing, but you might wanna try moving those disconnects somewhere else, i.e. following the circles of the "a"s. If you do that, you might also do the same with the bottom of the "Z".

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Nice logo, I like it! I would watch the "z" as stated, and the "t" seems to possibly need to go to the right a bit more, not sure if the disconnected arms of the "t" are necessary. Also the "c" maybe a bit to tight into the"k"cause it kinda looks like a "d". Nice work imho cool name.

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+1 on All

Well crafted logo, I feel the X and Zatacka are competing/too disconected... hard to read it as Zatacka X, it reads more like Zatacka. X.—MEH.

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I think everyone is saying the same basic thing - there is an idea there, but the typography needs some work. The broken "t" being the only disjointed letter stands out like a sore thumb imho (and makes it read "Zalacka" as others noted). Then the rest of it is kerned so tight it's either connected (ack) or might as well be connected (cka) because it will LOOK connected when you shrink it down. The main problems for me are the broken T and the CK - which is way too tight for even "tight" kerning - the C actually looks like it's the wrong size because of it's proximity to the k.

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X can become Z with some tuning

Ronaldo! xD

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