Yet Another CMS Question (for Photography Studios)

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I'm looking to implement a PHP-based solution for my photo studio that allows easy upload, easy organization of images, and easy customization in terms of aesthetics with RSS support.

Since the site should be simple and easy to navigate, Coppermine and Gallery are ruled out (unless there's a way to strip most of their functions?) Please help me find the right CMS for this site!

Here is a website that follows the similar site structure:


Please help! Thanks!!

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What about those Flash

What about those Flash viewers. They are quite nice for photography. For example: http://www.airtightinteractive.com/simpleviewer/

Is it just a showcase or do you want to sell them too?

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Just showcasing the

Just showcasing the photography work Ivan. They have to be categorized by photographer and maybe genre of image...

Btw thanks for the tip! :) I'm still hoping to find XHTML / CSS solutions though...

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After a horrible headache of

After a horrible headache of going through CMS solutions, I reached a conclusion that dynamic pages are not for me. The website's availability depended a lot on the host's MySQL database availability, so I moved back to static pages and I upload an update almost once a month. Once I moved to static, the website's availability became almost 100%.

I'm part of the beta testing team at XtraLean. I'd suggest trying out their static page generation solution and see if it fits your current needs. Their support board discusses different issues and the developer is very accommodative.. :)

Best of luck