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Work have given me some crap Fujitsu Lifebook PC laptop and a 19" Samsung monitor with a 1440 x 900 resolution which it doesn't support. Nobody else in the office can see what's wrong! (philistines), the laptop doesn't support that res so everything is a bit stretched by about 20 pixels accross the screen leading to fuzzy text.

I hate it.
I considered asking for my 4.3 17" monitor back but I'm going to persevere for a few days and see if I can deal with it first.

Not happy.


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Look at the up side....

...at least you're not running Windows 95 to boot! :)

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??? it doesn't support the


it doesn't support the resolution? are you sure? i don't think i've seen any PC-based system that wouldn't support it. you might need to update the drivers.

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Yup, it's a really poor Intel integrated graphics chip.

Bizarrely it can support 1600 x 1050, it just doesn't do 1440 x 900.
It's an odd resolution TBH, I've never seen that before on a screen.

Oh and the drivers have been updated.

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Actually it's not the

Actually it's not the drivers so much as the video card in the laptop. If it's an older laptop, or more basically appointed, you'll have res problems and limited compatibility. A sales guy in my office wanted one of my dual monitors and I said HELL NO. :)

Tell them your job stops till you get the monitor you need. :)

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