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Whats Your Opinions/Criticisms For My Logo?

I Made a logo for website that i don't own)
no one asked me to make it
I'm just practicing making logos, I'm a beginner, i have a lot to learn
So any advise/critiques would be greatly appreciated :-)

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About the concept:
I think you have a great idea to make something laughable, funny. The acceptance only depends of your target choice. It's terrible in my opinion but you don't need to consider my opinion because I'm not Sponge Bob fan, I'm not your target. The concept is interesting for keychain indeed.

About the shapes & colors:
I think the color is a bit depressive and sad, shy. You condensed "HOURS" then "O" is a bit strange compared with "LOGO" one. At rare cases we recommend to cut peaces of the logotype if it doesn't have your own style or a real necessity.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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I think the day/ night idea is clever in the sense of where I can see you're going with it, but it only represents one full day to me. A day, and that night.

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its not horrible for a beginner. ive seen FAR worse.

BUT, youre making about every typical beginner / hobbyist mistake:

disregard for negative space, cheap / clunky novelty fonts, poorly thought out concept, too much going on, gratuitous use of shadows and gradients, etc...

im going to agree with zm in pointing out that the sun and moon only represent 24 hours. so that pretty much makes it a nonstarter.

another trap youve made for yourself is incorporating shapes into letterforms. in eliminating the left vertical of the H, youve done two things: youve made it into a sideways T. and the crescent moon reads as a C so it reads as either CHOURS or CTOURS.

so again. far from being the worst beginner piece we've seen here on the forum. but still a lot of fundamental problems.

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