What are these things called?

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Whatever the technical term for them are, I wish they would go away. I find them obtrusive, especially if viewing CB with the darker theme... The blue links that trigger these beasties are almost illegible.

What say you all?

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Yeah, Terry. Me too. Mara

Yeah, Terry. Me too.


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odd, i don't see them. must

odd, i don't see them. must be something i've inadvertently blocked in FF.

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Dont get them.

Dont get them.

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I dont get the popups

I dont get the popups because I avoid the link, but the blue type is horrible.

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hate them.

hate them.

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Sorry guys!

Let me fix the color at least first. It's in test mode for now.

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this color is better,

this color is better, thanks.

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Just being honest

Ivan, I know that any avenue to produce revenue from CB is worth exploring. I wouldn't blame anyone for that, but these pop-ups gotta go.

They've turned browsing CB from an entertaining and engaging learning experience with our peers into navigating a virtual mine field. Trying to avoid being "hit" with another advertisement, which most of the time the ads have nothing to do with the triggering-link.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Terry Thornhill

e-zign Design Group

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With all these pop-up

With all these pop-up bubbles appearing I feel like I'm trapped in a 1980's music video...
"I accept chaos, I'm not sure whether it accepts me."
Bob Dylan

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Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback guys. We will keep testing it for a while and after that we'll reconsider. Please bear with me until than!

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Logged in users should not see them

We have implemented a change where logged in users will not see these links. We continue to experiment and see what works best. Hope this is less intrusive.
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