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West Australian English College

Got a job to redesign a logo from a tuition centre somewhere in Australia. It came out like this...

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I'm not sure you need the star in the feathers of the swan, you might want to just work on a flowing flag element there (only the neck static) and it would look a bit more tight and flowing.

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The stars are Australian essentials! Check out the flag.


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Yes but the star in the feathers is distracting rather than adding anything to the composition. The necks stars are fine. It's the wing that needs addressing, it just looks like an afterthought.

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Very pretty! :)

Why is the swan's eye so slanty, though? I'd make it rounder or better yet, no eye at all.

The colors might be a little subtle, but I like that effect. It goes with the overal softness of the logo.

Do watch your character kerning. The LI and double-Ls are too tight. That font is awfully thin. Won't read well at a distance or reduced to business-card size.

The font for West Australian seems weak. I'd like to see you try something stronger, perhaps a Black version of the one used for English College.

I like!


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Very nice. like it a lot! Congrats.

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Liked the concept, you only need to adjust the wing and star shapes/positions.

The left bigger star makes some confusion/noise on red/blue shapes when shrink the logo.

Maybe better
- with the left star placed a bit down, at last wing (as on AUS flag)
- a bit smaller star and probably not cutting the red shape on three parts,
- you need to make the last blue wind just a bit tall, then the star will cut the red shape one time only.
- English College could have a bit spaced kerning.

About the logotype:
- West Australian is default Australian best memorable
- English College is too much used for this business, maybe you can try something newer.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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I love it but echo the points above about the stars. The stars should flow with the shape of the bird more - regardless (within reason) of their position on the flag.

Also, shouldn't Australian have a capital 'A'?

>> Cookie cut the chaos >>

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maybe the 'crux-australis' is needed to say it's not american...

I learned calligraphy lessons with that capital 'A'

yes I'm brazilian xD

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Great concept! But I'm missing the compactness of the logo mark, it seems to me the feathers and the stars are all different element from the Swan and just putting together here. And I can fork out or move any of it. May be some tweak & move in shapes with changing depth of stars can make it a whole some one.

- -

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I saw your update (I assume its the update) on . Love it! I like how the swan is facing West in the updated version as well. Nice job mate!

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Great concept, the only change i would make is removing the star from the feathers.

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