Well this are three options so we can work the logo manual

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Hi everyone I posted tree new options for my homework using almost every bit of advise that you guys posted. If I may add that this is supposly for a ambulant store that goes from suburb to suburb selling groceries and first hand necessecities. So It has to transmit efficiency and speed, as on the go. That´s why I added the slim lines next to the lory, the fonts are totally retro so it won´t look so childish and still combined the italic to transmit movement and to transmit friendlyness I added the solid typeface. I wish your votes so we can work on this manual today. Thanks for your oppinion in advande,
PS I think this options are simpler.

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Those fonts are awful sorry but you need a font that represents the strength of the company. The typeface thats on them looks like the moval company dropped it. I think the truck should be on the side of the text as well.

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I don't like the fonts. Too

I don't like the fonts. Too all over the place. And, the symbol has too much black. Makes it heavy.