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Website updated

This is actually an update of:

I changed back the URL in the process, live site now @

And yes it's still on the left but when I centered it, it was just floating in the middle, going nowhere, didn't look nice.

Feel free to be harsh but I'm not a pro-designer like most of you.

Thanks so much for the critique, I feel (but maybe I'm wrong) I did make a step forward.

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100% better imho. Although what's up with the cardboard box?'s picture
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Haha - yes bad attempt at a logo - I want to use this style but for now it's more a placeholder as it comes directly out of a font. But I like the contrast with the menu both in shape and colour.

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I was kinda disappointed that the 'cardboard box icon' didn't change with each section - as it looks like it should...

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I really liked the bold banner element on the previous crit (except I'd colour it your nice teal). Otherwise I think it's an improvement, good work!

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I feel as though it's a bit bland. Especially for those (like myself) with larger monitors, it's just a bit too much white space.

I would look more into effective minimal design and see how they're balancing the page.

As of right now, there's nothing indicating what you do (without reading the paragraph, and even then it's a bit vague)

Casual web browsers have the attention span of a 4 year old hyper-active child post-pixie stick. If you don't catch them in that first 30 seconds, they will be off your page.

You have nothing on this page enticing viewers to continue onward.

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That's a good point indeed, about the attention span - I'll look at other minimal websites, see how they somehow hold my attention.

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I would expect another experimental things but you come with mainstream mouse over menu that put your logo at corner.

the monitors are wide actually you need to rethink your concept or people will judge it unbalanced.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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