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Will you grow giant money trees?

On June 20th 2011, ICANN the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers, created a global shockwave with their announcement to a packed meeting in Singapore. A thousand delegates witnessed, a long awaited gTLD program released, creating new types of domain names with unlimited potential.

The application fee per name starts at $185,000, and can cost up to $500,000 to integrate. 
Still, this investment is no more than what large single highway signage costs over a ten-year lease. This one is more about thousands of such luminous cyber structures over high-density, information highways.

Once a unique idea with the right name identity has been decided, the challenge will be 
to create, nurture and grow it with a successful sub-name brand-hierarchy. This way the master gTLD root takes a shape of a tree with strong branches and gets ready to blossom, with successful layers of multiple sub-name-brands into a money-tree.

When all you have is a hammer, everything appears to be a nail. The gTLDs are not just about trademark filing and battle posturing or cyber-squatting but more so of creating unusual global intellectual properties offering multiple opportunities for rapid image expansion and most importantly achieving market domination via name identity. The ICANN gTLD are also not just about mass registrations but rather creating massive customer acquisition and intricate layers of providing customer access. Most of the current debate is focused on the grind of one of the single key aspect while ignoring all the other interlaced facets and therefore missing out the reflective shine and brilliance of the idea.

Interdisciplinary approach to all gTLD maters is a must, like early cinema which incorporated dozens of diverse and non related issues and when combined a full-fledged industry erupted. The integrated approach to gTLD is the fastest way to get the attention in the boardroom. Otherwise it becomes a splintered discussion on separate floors from technology to legal to website developers.

If we place the entire gTLD process in a hierarchy forming a pyramid, the base would consist of all the big picture concepts and specific ideas. The middle part, where all the procedures of application, funding, financial modeling and legally guided long term application processes reside. On the very pointed top of the pyramid will the proposed name with full consensus and analysis as without its absolute winning surety not only the entire exercise would simply be futile the pyramid would also collapse.

To tackle the ultimate issues, exclusive high level webinars are being delivered in simple business language moderated by world renowned authority in the field of global naming complexities. They cover the power and opportunities of ICANN gTLD and how to prepare for advanced level of tactical maneuvers in name identity expansion.

According to AZNA Events special knowledge is in demand as gTLD opportunities are complex and corporations in search of market domination and wishing mass customer acquisition need this urgently. Advertising agencies as all types of creative services can be fitted in this special global cyber-branding arena. Trademark and legal services as more integrated access to developing intellectual properties becomes natural growth. Technology and domain name registries as name-centric, end-user-friendly mass approach becomes the new norm. Associations providing high value education and creating competitive advantages for their members in search of aggressive image presence. Municipalities in search of destination branding to attract aggressive regional developments. All these stakeholders needs guidance and deeper understanding to play this global game marketing domination via name identity.

The Association for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing/Relationship Management –AARM, has just organized a webinar series starting from July 27th 2011 to tackle some of these issues. On the various gTLD opportunities and for legal audience Internet Business Law Services IBLS is releasing a series of webinars in August 2011. There are also conferences like dot-nxt for August 24-26th 2011 or the Munich Conference on new TLDs September 26-27th 2011.

As the race intensifies, the demand for high value contents delivered with global cyber branding speed will the hot topics.
Senior executive must learn to tackle the unusual questions of today. How to make bold and intelligent arguments in the boardroom and ask for a million dollar to create a billion dollar money tree? How much real power a gTLD can yield on global name identity expansion? What special skills are needed to steer this new vehicle towards market domination. What should be the new game for marketing management on mass customer acquisition models based on a new type of naming architecture? What surprise challenges will cascade into marketing branding and trademark areas on global name identity issues? What are your options if your current name identity is incompatible with ICANN procedures? How to assess practicality, profitability and competitive advantage and related options before the prescribed deadline?
How to create billion dollar domain babies is the bigger challenge. Once this game is properly understood, it certainly allows the creation of 'billion dollar domain babies' where superpower naming ideas become billion-dollar intellectual properties for their holders. This will be an amazing game to play and equally to watch. The legal firms and image-branding agencies seeking new clients have three tasks: How to identify their top clients and offer them world-class recommendations with full confidence to play this game, How to create back-up and supportive plans to capture special name identities for targeted markets, and lastly how to attract new clients by providing leadership on exclusive options on generic and destination brands.

A gTLD under the right name identity combinations offers the following:

  • The fastest way to create hyper visibility and global presence
  • The most intricate device for attracting massive customer acquisition
  • The game changer from the old school of traditional marketing and branding

A gTLD offers corporate management opportunities to energize marketing:

  • Fast track evaluations of current name portfolios to determine a long term action plans
  • Realignment naming architectures to accommodate too many or too few identities
  • Reassessment of current name ownership strategies in light of this new age frontier

A gTLD process has hidden naming challenges in the program:

  • How to differentiate power and evaluate a proposed name; example .car .auto .motor?
  • How to select a winning combination; .locomoto, automoto, .udrive, idrive, .ucar mycar?
  • How to price and sub-branding naming architecture for a winning master candidate?

A gTLD race will create spectacular opportunity or a catastrophic failure:

  • Any gTLD application without a highly appropriate proposed name will fail
  • Any gTLD without a strategic branding and global image expansion model will fail
  • Any gTLD without a wide usage sub-brand creation methodology will fail
  • Any gTLD misrepresenting sub brands name evaluation will fail
  • Any gTLD without commanding knowledge of global corporate nomenclature will fail

Naseem Javed, widely recognized a world-authority on global naming strategies and corporate nomenclature issues. Author of Naming for Power, Naseem introduced The Laws of Corporate Naming in 80s and currently he is advising corporations and lecturing on global cyber branding and the ICANN’s new gTLD platforms.

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I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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