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AdSense running Flash

I just noticed that Google AdSense is running swf files in the above ad space on creativebits. See the screenshot as proof. Apparently the option to run swf file has been around since 2005, but I never noticed it. I wish advertisers on AdWords were using it more often as it allows for more movement, vector imagery and better quality for images in general.

See the option to choose .swf as image ad in AdWords above.

I wonder when will Google allow interactivity on Google AdSense ads. That would open an amazing global platform to deliver rich content banner advertising. I personally like those mini game ads. If anybody is interested in creative banner ads, do check out the bannerblog.

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I thought the point of Google's ads was that they were text as to be SMALL and UNOBTRUSIVE. Flash banners are The Devil, despite the creative opportunities they present (don't think I've ever seen one with great designe).

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I know what you mean. But if you look at the same issue from the advertiser or agency point of view you will see how big AdSense interactive can be.

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