Waves of the North Coast

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This is not a real job, it's just something I did for fun for my dad. I had done a reeeealy bad business card years ago in Word, and wanted to re-do it.

-There needed to be a good amount of white space to the side so that extra info can be written by hand for specific purposes (painting prices, etc.).
-He does want ALL of that information there. I know email and URL is almost redundant, and the email could probably be removed but I think I balanced it out well enough as is.
-It would be printed on a home inkjet (just a handful of cards).
-I wanted the waves in the background to be subtle but not invisible.

Edit: Included colorless version. Cards not to size.

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Very nice

I like it, although I wonder if it would look better without the arrow bullets.

The card balances well for me, and the wave background watermark looks just right.

Great job :)

* is there a bigger version availible?

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I would try to put the logo

I would try to put the logo on the right. The left side is a bit jammed for me. I really like the logo.

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Not balanced.

I don't think it's balanced at all. It's too heavy on the left side. Maybe if you flipped the subtle wave so that it was facing the other direction it would balance better..?

Perhaps offset the text to the right somewhat, make "Waves of the northcoast" bigger, and try it without the arrow bullets. Those are just thoughts about what I would try. Good luck with it.

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The only reason I felt it was balanced would be as he said he wanted the area for writing on, and when the writing would be there i thought it could balance it out... Sure like this its not balanced but Im just thinking... o never mind :P not balanced ;)

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Yeah, the area for writing

Yeah, the area for writing is neat. But can't you use the back for it?

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I know, but that's how he

I know, but that's how he wanted it originally. The idea was that a card could be placed on the wall next to a painting, with perhaps a title and price written on it.

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I hated it the first time I

I hated it the first time I looked at it, but then looked at it again and I really like it. I am wondering why they don't just write on the back though!?!

And I think you should spell out "Drive"

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New versions

thanks for posting a bigger version / alt versions

those bullets really do stick out of place for me :( ... like pokie, the more I look at it, the more im liking it

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I think the cards are not unique, because of the generic look of the type treatment and wave. I also disagree with the color choices. They are dull. The cards lack any artistic sensibility, which is something you might need for this "concept."

Hope it helps.

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I agree with Jammo about the bullets. You should try making them smaller. Or lose the bullets, make the info type a bit smaller, and add some top paragraph spacing. That would create a better vertical line on the left with the "waves" hanging which looks like what you were going for. I personally would not use bold oblique, if i'm seeing it correctly for the name/title.