Videocasts for the designer

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You are probably aware that you can drop video files into iTunes, organize them and play them as they were audio files. You probably also know that you can get Podcasts in iTunes. It was only a matter of time that we would start downloading videocasts with it.

videocast on iTunes

Subscribe to MacTV for those classic Apple commercials and the weekly OS X tutorials in H.264 quality or check out Digerati University's PhotoShop videocast.

As in the case of Podcasts I'd like to ask you to comment and post any links to videocasts if you know any that might be of interest to a designer.

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I tried video, mac,

I tried mac, macintosh, osx, design and photshop. None gave me any results. Am I missing something?

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I didn't know about that and just tried it.. Very nice


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Can't get it to work :( I

Can't get it to work :(

I keep getting as far as finishing the download and then iTunes tells me that it can't play that format. I may still be running 10.3 but i have Quicktime 7 installed, what gives?

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I didn't test on 10.3, I

I didn't test on 10.3, I only have Tiger with iTunes 4.9, but it should work nevertheless.

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Yeah, no.

Not really getting anywhere with that. Broken link above = bad.
Thanks for the information though.

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not sure...

I just tested both links and they work fine. Maybe they were down for some time or something? hm...