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urbaninsulation.co.uk LOGO

Logo for home insulation services. The idea is that heat stays inside. Please comment...

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The second one to me feels like it's holding the heat more but the first seems more appropriate if all of your clients work is home-insulation. What if you filled in the knockout under the chimney in the first example? How would that look? What if the circle was a triangle that fit snugly into the shape just as the two circles below?

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The second if you're insulating igloos.

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i think that here (like in your other realtor post) you're having problems maintaining the integrity of the icons.

the problem you have here is that your design NEEDS color to work. in black and white, your sun becomes a window.

id try making the roof contour solid and change your round sun into a radiant sun. like this...

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Thanks for comments. How about now?

BTW. client wants to go with igloo. Chimney its just urbanistic element. I think igloo would be good icon for home insulation.

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If this is for the UK I'm unsure if people will connect igloo immediately, your client may know it's an igloo but does anyone else who doesn't experience overly harsh winters or has a natural history with them? Do a small survey and ask 10 people what they see.

I'm Canadian so I get it right away, I'm used to people assuming it's my natural habitat :p

Side note: The inner stroke of yellow, once turned to black will change the weight of your logo because the yellow doesn't attract too much heavy attention right now. That is, until it's converted into a secondary black stroke.

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Much better I feel.

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yeah, these are WAY better. but if the client wants to go with an igloo. i say lose the chimney and add the little horizontal entry portal thats more stereotypical of the igloo iconography...

of course then most people might associate that shape with a baseball cap before an igloo

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That is one long name.

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Your sunburst reminds me of Lisa Simpson. Might help if you made the spikes more pronounced.


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second logo is better .

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I think the igloo concept is not ready... the igloo entrance arch has more identity than chimney

Ronaldo! xD

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