Typography project for Graphic Design class

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"Taking A Stand" TV Show. About the Civil Rights Movement.

Thanks for your comments..

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Typography is really strong

I think typography is really strong. It gives the message directly and easily. I also liked the punch combining with the text. The whole text is also completing a human shape.

Maybe the palm of the hand should be more tight because the human is angry. The hand seems little bit of unangry.

I think this is a really good work. The idea is pretty cool. I liked it a lot.

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Great job!

Your overall sense of type and spacial design is brilliant. However, I would
ask you to consider looking at dropping the "cap height" to the "D" at the right/end of the word "stand".

Visually it leaves me a bit stagnant and I lose some of the fluidity that you have so creatively designed. Trust me, I think you will be pleasantly surprised as well you should look at all the letter is within the word "stand" once you drop down the height of the "d". Just to make sure....

Great job!