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This is for my contemporary type class, we had to choose a type conference and redesign the poster for it. I chose Type con. This is my first time posting anything on here......so let me know what you think! thanks.

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I like it! This reminds me

I like it!

This reminds me of a groups of road sign posters I made many years ago for an annual yard sale I always had in my front yard, with a few other neighbors, on Memorial Day weekend. They were on giant screechy-bright yellow matte board (nice and stiff -- they held up for years), with the giant letters YD on one line and giant SL right underneath, and under that an arrow pointing whichever way people had to turn to find us. No one ever said the abbreviations confused them; in fact, they became a sort of icon, very easy to spot and identify with a good event. Maybe my reaction to your design is biased by that bit of backstory, so you might want to take it with a grain of salt.

I also like the subtle exclamation point feel of the vertical format. Any way you could enhance that just a tad?



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Sorry for the duplicate post

Sorry for the duplicate post -- but I can say "Welcome!" twice, right?


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That was very helpful, I do like the feel of an exclamation point....Maybe i will mess around with that some more. Thank you for your input.
:-: Sara Lee

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i like the concept in

i like the concept in general. very nice look.

my nitpicky suggestion is to work on the underlying gray type. with all of the type centered, the rags on the left and right are pretty rough. i think if you work with the order of the names and some kerning, you can clean up those two rags.

i would also do some kerning in the dates. the "1" really needs to have the next number kerned up to it both times (and this is very common in many typefaces, for some reason kerning to the right of the number one often comes out very loose and looks particularly bad in large point sizes).

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Agreeing with Greg here.


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No changes. I like

No changes. I like it.

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I might be a bit biased

I had a strong negative reaction to the LED font. The flat edged uniform nature of that font works well with your idea, but I somehow think you could find a more attractive one that was similar.

That said, it's a strong idea that's very striking. I like the use of colors and the two character rows. It was a bit of a challenge but it was quite fun to read.

It's already impressive, but if you want suggestions:

The figure-ground relationship is just a little messy for my tastes. You might try seeing how it would look if you justified the background text and broke the names up strategically for a more uniform appearance. Or you might try playing with the values of the names a little more carefully than just fading the top. Selective fading and word spacing could make the foreground pop a little more or even create tension more coherently if that's what you want.

Something about the bottom text seems a little afterthought-ish. You might find something if you spent a little more time there playing with margins, kerning and alignment.

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And I'll add this... :)

I find the back ground text distracting and my first thought was to suggest to darken it, but the suggestion by pdx to justify it may solve that issue. if it does not and if darkening the text doesn't either, maybe you could try fattening the foreground font.

I think what's bother the others is that the date should be larger, the date is the next important element behind the title.

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The large, digital type is fantastic. With a bit of justification the background type would also work just as nicely. you might also want to play around with where the top and bottom of the background type sit with regard to the digital type.

You also need to think a little more about the date and 'for more info' copy. Could this run-on from the names in the background but remain much paler? That way you would continue the block/frame formed of the 'background' type, you wouldn't be adding in a new element for the date and you would still draw attention to this last bit of information.

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This is very creative.

The colours are excellent, my only gripe would be to kill the fonts in the back, make them a little darker, and gwells comment are spot on as well. VERY good work. Thanks for sharing.

Leaky Penny

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