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T-shirt design!

Hey there,

I was hoping to get all of you lovely folks to comment on this design. It is a concept for my university's t-shirts. You'll see their original logo, then my iterations. Comments on the iterations or completely new ideas are encouraged!!

Thanks so much!

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use the original, it looks better than any of the other versions. plus it's a shirt, you will have problems with the other designs when it comes to printing(unless you print it digital)

it would help if you show where the logo would be placed.

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Well I can't see the t-shirt design...

you can transform lot of small unitys to build a big one.

you can make some great design with these shapes just combining aleatory positions or placing like a caleidoscope or a ring.

open your mind but make it using a blank t-shirt rough.


yes I'm brazilian xD

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good god, a gradient of a pseudo-halftone? good luck getting that screen printed. it would be a moired mess.

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if that's the actual university logo, any decently written branding information would tell you that you weren't allowed to do that to the logo.

i agree with hof. use the original (the actual logo). don't make a mess of the logo.

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Agree to all. Branding standards wouldn't permit this usage typically and it can't actually be screened because of the gradients.

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Don't think the printing would be a problem - there are many types of digital screen printing these days. There are also digital heat transfer options that will print anything you can create on a computer for a fairly reasonable price too.

However - it's inappropriate for a university imho.

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"digital heat transfer options that will print anything you can create on a computer for a fairly reasonable price too."

is that a fancy way of saying "iron-on"?

; )

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I can't slip anything past you!

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Aesthetically it's not doing anything better than the original. I would never use this as a logo, but I could see #3 working as a wraparound sweater.

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2 thro 4 look like a hot iron has smudged the perfectly good original design.

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