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What is the most requested feature at Google Apps? A to-do-list of course. While we are eagerly waiting for Google to introduce one, here is a solution that gives you complete Gmail and gCal integration.

Meet Remember the Milk (RTM). It's a task manager that can be integrated with many different platforms including Gmail even offline with Google Gears, gCal, iGoogle, iPhone, Windows Mobile (not that you would ever use this one), Twitter, Netvibes, etc. It of course has a Mac OSX Dashboard widget, a Quicksilver plugin and you can even communicate with it through an instant messenger. This list is not even full, but you get the idea. How and where you want to manage your task list is up to you with RTM. But let's look at Gmail specifically.

For me integration with Gmail is the best part. I can display and manage all my to-do-s within Gmail in a right sidebar that fits the layout perfectly and doesn't slow the page down noticeably. You can even set it to add new to-do-s by starring emails or by adding a tag to them, besides other options. After you registered with RTM installation is just a click of a button. The to-do-s themselves are arranged by priority and by date. Most importantly you can share to-do items among your friends and colleagues.

I won't list all the numerous features you can use with RTM, I will let you discover them for yourself, but let me just point out a few interesting things:

  • You can email yourself a to-do item through a dedicated RTM email address
  • Through jott, you can add tasks by calling a phone number
  • You can subscribe to your to-do-list from iCal, which means you sync it with your mobile devices and iPod
  • You can receive reminders through SMS, IM, Skype or email
  • You can tag your to-do items
  • You can create tasks that repeat peridically

I have tried many different to-do-list services, both on-line and off-line to stay organized and RTM is by far the best solution out there in my opinion. Another service with a completely different approach to task management is worth mentioning too. While it integrates with email it does it in a different way. I want Sandy is a virtual assistant that you communicate with via email. It takes some time to get used to it though.

If you have experience with RTM or Sandy please share in the comments. Also, let us know if you have other solutions for task management that worked well for you!

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I've never been a big fan of

I've never been a big fan of to-do lists. I realize some people go nuts over them, but in my experience (freelance mac tech, donchano, with hundreds of clients) the people that are into them are much more rare than they think they are.

Google Calendar synchronization with my desktop is much much more important to me. Thus, CalDAV is my number one request.

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Neanderthal woman here...

I'm a real ape. I do hard copy lists and stroke the projects off the list with a big fat black marker. Gives me some sort of fundamental satisfaction.


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Interesting. Is this

Interesting. Is this solution portable? I mean can you carry it around in your pocket? Also, can you use a pen like stylus as an input device? How fast is it too boot? Can you just get it out of your pocket and start editing instantly? How is the longevity? Can you take it with you for longer trip? Is it allowed on airplanes? If any of the answers are no, then you need to relook at your solution. ;)

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Totally portable. You just

Totally portable. You just have to be aware of the dry out factor and resulting stain if the marker comes uncapped. A pocket protector might not be a bad idea if employing this method.

Editing is instant, boot time is non-existent, and the longevity factor is good unless you spill your drink on it. :)


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At first, I was not impressed, but now I am finding myself using RTM more and more every day. One of the main reasons I started using it again was because of the ability to SMS through twitter to add tasks. I have a windows mobile phone, but using the browser is slow and sucky compared to just sending a txt message. Google calendar also has a sms service to add events.

Usually people will tell me something to do days from now. i send a txt from my phone through twitter (d rtm do something in 2 days) to rtm and a few days later it reminds me and the person cant believe i remembered. Neither can I.

I'll put gift cards & coupons to use before their expiration, car maintenance and all kinds of junk. Just yesterday it reminded me to replace the air filter in my house! You can set the tasks to 'repeat after xx days' after they are completed, so I will get another reminder 3 months from yesterday.

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