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New input device for graphic designers

For a change here is a Mac OS X only hardware. What's more is that it is especially designed for us graphic designers working all day on Adobe applications.

I've not tried it myself yet, so I can't tell you how good it is, but I can certainly value the initiative to develop something beyond the traditional input devices. Hopefully it is much easier to get used to than it is to remember it's name. Here is what Logitech says about it:

The NuLOOQ™ Professional Series addresses the time-intensive elements of design — navigating images, adjusting option values, and accessing menus — to help creative users work smarter. As a designer your focus is continually interrupted by the tasks of locating and adjusting tools as well as precisely positioning the cursor. And with today's vast flat panel monitors and increasingly complex applications, the cursor travels farther and the keyboard works harder than ever before to complete basic tasks.

The goal of NuLOOQ is simple—to provide you with a better way to work with the core applications, Adobe Photoshop® CS2, Illustrator® CS2 and InDesign® CS2, that enable you to run your design businesses successfully.

If I understand the idea correctly, it has an iPod like scrollwheel, which can be a godsent if one can get used to it. I wonder how would it work together with a tablet though.

So, what do you think? Is it worth trying it out? Does it sound promising?

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It's definitely an interesting idea and I'd love to see it in action or take it for a test run. Would it really be that much faster than using the mouse or the tablet to change properties and browse? If anyone wants to be the first to dive in I'd love to hear impressions

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I'm a keyboard shortcut junkie and I often get into a groove where I'm working faster than the screen can redraw the steps I've taken. Menus are painfully tedious to navigate when you work like this.
Right now I have my Griffin Powermate set to hotkeys so I can give it a quick tap or spin to execute a command quickly with my left hand. In my mind, the NuLooq is a beautiful, fully-fleshed out evolution of the same tool.

You need Degas in order to make de VanGogh

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I agree with Fuelrock, "I'd love to see it in action or take it for a test run." Browsing through the site, there seems to be more attention to marketing and hype than actual feature-rich persuasiveness. I downloaded the software trial to see if it could actually be useful without the hardware and had no luck whatsoever. I don't know if I have something running that conflicts with it, but this doesn't even feel beta-test quality. It crashed over and over as I tried to setup new palettes and get it to run. No error message, no error reporting form, it just disappeared. Logitech needs to stop wasting time with the 139x78 pixel user profile movies and create some actual video footage of how this product is speeding up real people's workflow.

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Drivers and software. I'm a PC user and use quite a few Logitech devices. I've got a wireless mouse and keyboard, webcam, and 5.1 speakers. None of them have very good drivers or software. The mouse is just better off with the default drivers in Windows, the speakers don't even bother, and then webcam seems a bit more bloated than it has to be. I have a new keyboard coming in the mail and from what I've read about it the the software is actually half decent. I completely understand what jasongraphix was saying about the software and find it completely plausible. Still, with the hardware attached I'd hope to see this little tool working like intended.

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There's no good reason why Logitech could not have made this device, and the associated software, compatible with earlier versions of the big 3 (or 4) Adobe applications. They kind of goofed in that regard, IMO.

I give it a pass. There are better possibilities for ergonomically-designed, efficiency-increasing peripheral devices...and I have one cooking down in the PhosphorLab. Funny thing about that, too. My first choice for the pitch was Logitech. Maybe I'll talk to Griffin instead.

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no one has mentioned how pricey it seems . . .
the desktop already has a keyboard, mouse, tablet . . .
& now this ?


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I was seriously considering on buying one, but then i read the system requirements. You need a G5 if you plan to use the hardware. Booruns!

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well for $45 I can get something metallic. Wut'z the point of spending $149.99 for something made out of plastic?

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I wouldn't consider buying this now, as my desk is already cluttered with devices. Not to mention, it's a bit to expensive compared to the productivity it enhances.

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I'd have to say this seems a bit overkill. I love keyboard shortcuts, and I can't believe that It'll be so much quicker than me hitting a button on the keyboard. Plus, I absolutely hate cables! That would just add some more to my already large cable mess.

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I agree 100% with that last comment. I'm trying to get as wireless as possible. Strangely, I had a wireless mouse and keyboard but I'm getting a new gaming keyboard that has backlit keys and requires a cable. Still, I wouldn't want any more than that

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