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Google Analytics weekly and monthly graphs

Finally Google released Analytics' most requested feature. It's still in beta, but works pretty well already. Now, you can view your long term data in weekly and monthly breakdown besides the default daily view. This was a very important step to be able to judge your site's growth over a longer period of time.

Daily breakdown. Hard to see the trends.

Weekly view. Easier to judge.

Monthly view. You can clearly see the trend here.

Also, you have the option to view many other aspects of your site besides number of visitors such as page views and Pages/Visit. Now, Google Analytics is truly the best free solution out there to measure and analyze your site's traffic.

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Will it finally show me EXACTLY WHO is visiting my site?

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I hope it will never do that! :)

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Why?! It's a great way to track your prospective customers as well as competition that might come to your site! Right now it's a laborious process of using Webtrends internally which gives ips but doesn't resolve them for you. Then you got and look up each ip one by one. Yuk.

Powerpoint is not a design application

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Ok! At network level I'm ok with it. :)

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I just put up a little surfing tool and it's hilarious to see week by week how traffic spikes on Monday.


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I use it and just noticed this feature, it's a nice addition. The gui is nice and easy to use. I use their email alerts too.

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That's a good news...

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I also like the ability to select a custom date range for the graphs, but I really like the map overlay - I find it a useful visual tool for locating areas of less website coverage and to then be able to target marketing efforts down to a city by city level.

Worst part about the app is it can become a full-time job just trying to analyze and put to use the data it provides, as if we don't have enough to do already :(


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