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DesignPro LinkedIn Group

Social networks are great time wasters and they usually don't do much good to your professional career. Except for LinkedIn which offers a great way to build up your CV with recommendations and helps finding valuable contacts.

It's a good idea to join groups in the area of your interest on LinkedIn to expand your network of connections. I would like to suggest one for graphic designers I created recently: Graphic Design Professionals Group. I would be honored if you joined.

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I'm 200% agree with you IVAN. Social networks are great time wasters and they usually don't do any good for any one professional. But yes! they are too good for their respected owners and Losers who want to know, how bad their friends are doing, to minimise his/her own pain.

But yes, me too like the professionalism of LinkIn and sometime it works.

Find me at your teamGDPG.
Centre Back is OK if GKing is taken ;)


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Signed up.

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Crazy I added you on linked in and didn't put it together that you run this site too, until I read your profile on linkedin!

Small world! haha. Keep up the good work here.

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Thanks Anthony

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