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7 mantras for logo design

  1. Think about what you want to say, write down the 3 most important words the logo should convey
  2. It's all about the idea, pen and paper are your friends
  3. Make the logo work in black & white if possible, color and effects can come later
  4. Create something unique and memorable
  5. Make sure the logo works in big and small, inverted and embossed
  6. Keep it as simple as possible, remove every unimportant details
  7. Break any of the above rules only if it makes for a unique and overall better design

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8. Don't introduce color until the logo's shape is defined. Color distracts.

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I agree, it's kind of part of 3.

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Let me emphasize the word "better" in number 7. The design has to be better if you're going to break the above rules. And better doesn't mean bevels and drop shadows. It means the concept comes across more clearly, in my opinion.

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All above are true, I always feel that clean and simple is key in logo design too.

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As a new member to the world of logo designs. I'll be sticking to these 7 little rules. And Kilik.. I really like your concept for the USE of the wording kiliK. That's clever thinking.
Logo Zůů

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Number 3 should be a hard and fast rule as opposed to merely a guideline - ie: a logo MUST reproduce in black and white. That rule should never be broken for any reason. Don't look at me - look at every major corporation in the world. They don't care about photoshop effects - they want a logo that reproduces on everything from the side of a pen to the Goodyear blimp.

PS: What's with the PC weenie?

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Keep it Simple is key.

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Once you have your ideas, do the logos in Illustrator (not InDesign or Photoshop).

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These are the best points to consider in logo design. I like the first three pointers and i apply that also. Thank you

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These are true. Every great idea must be simple.

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