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Thunda Mun Empire

Criticism & Advice welcome.
Thank you very much guys!

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if we are going to help you. you need to give us more info in your description.

what is the logo for
who's the audience
background of the company
the things the client asked you to capture...

on a purely aesthetic basis. this is kind of a mess. a lot of the type runs together - for seemingly no apparent reason. letterforms are questionable. is this a font or did you just draw them? there is also no clear hierarchy as to whats "king" here (pun intended).

to echo what zm mentioned in your previous post. most of what youve posted looks like you went straight to the computer, with no previous sketching. a lot of folks here will stand strongly by the idea of starting with pencil on paper before taking it to the computer. i dont always agree with that - especially for experienced folk who are adept enough with the tools to work organically with the computer. but in cases of folks relatively new to the game, i say SKETCHBOOK FIRST is a pretty good bit of advice.

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yes wgzn.. Actually like you say, am new in this game coz these is not my area of speciality but i love it very much & am currently undertaking a course in it. Am actually a SCULPTOR, Photo editor & Animator by profession.

Frankly, i go directly to computer when designing wc i guess is 1 of my weak points here & your idea of SKETCH BOOK FIRST myt help mi alot given that i want to undertake this as a profession too. I guess my being 23yrs only gives mi ample years ahead to learn mo & perfect my game..with the help of you professionals of course. thank you very much!

Then on the issue of this logo, Thunda mun Empire is a music crew in uganda ( hence the black, yellow red in the name putting into consideration that those r the colors on the uganda flag) & ragga Jungle is the kind of music they do which is rastafarian based hence the green yellow red. Since it is an empire, i thought the idea of a crown would add meaning to the whole composition.

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there is just too much going on here. you have 4 colors of type. a sort of half-way barcode looking footer, then this big ass crown thing.

you need to start thinking about things as a badge, or a rubber stamp. simple, concise and graphically clear. what youre doing more often than not are more like graphic illustrations than logos...

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why "thunda" is black? isn't it better on green? I prefer b&w as possible and some details on uganda flag color


yes I'm brazilian xD

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