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T-shirt idea

I'm trying to seize the moment and make a quick buck. Right now there is a Beluga Whale in the Delaware River in Trenton, New Jersey (not the nicest of cities). This shirt would commemorate the event in a cheesy and funny manner.

Heres the story:

"The higher you jump on the flagpole, the higher the bonus you receive."

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Be careful he wont be their for much longer... “Whales can stay in fresh water for several weeks, but will start having health problems toward the end of that period” so if you decide to produce them - get going! Oh and the design is just like those that seem to be sweeping pop culture now-a-days so im sure you could make a few bucks.

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I'm glad you see the humor in it. I just emailed the local news affiliates here so hopefully I can get a plug or something and actually make the shirts. Its a real crap shoot.

That font is good old cooper black quick to design, easy to make a buck with and sell to retro hipsters.

"The higher you jump on the flagpole, the higher the bonus you receive."

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A little emphasis on the "whale" wouldn't hurt would it? I like the pun, nice.

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You captured the spirit of this style very well. Love the colors! Congrats.

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funny... i like it

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I'd buy it.

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I was making tons of calls on Friday, while on the clock at work and could not find a place to produce the shirts by Sunday. If this whale is still around next week, I will produce the shirts. Most places around me seem to need at least 2 days to get the shirts done without charging me extra. In the mean time I set up a little cafepress shop.

Thanks again everyone for your imput. I'll keep you all updated on the whale. :)

"The higher you jump on the flagpole, the higher the bonus you receive."

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