Subscribed search links

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Google Co-op is about sharing expertise. You can contribute your expertise and benefit when others do the same. Help other users find information more easily by creating "subscribed links" for your services and labeling webpages around the topics you know best.

This is a work in progress, but even in its early stages, Google Co-op has the potential to let you contribute your expertise to the overall goal of making information more discoverable for everyone.

There are a number of special features built into Google search, such as currency conversion, movie showtimes, and stock quotes. You can add your own service to that list by creating subscribed links that your users can add to their Google search results. Learn more about subscribed links.

You may also be interested in creating gadgets - useful web applications - that users can add to bring your services to their personalized Google homepage. Learn more about homepage gadgets.

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It's way over the top of my

It's way over the top of my head, but I'm sure for someone who knows programming this could be extremely interesting and useful.