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Slankeguiden logo


"Slankeguiden" is going to be a Scandinavian website about weight loss. Target audience is Scandinavians 18-55 looking to loose some weight.

Logo and justification:

When it comes to the type I wanted something simple and seemingly common, but not completely Helvetica. The goal was to make it readable as well as allowing for the subtle mark to be added to the type.

The reason I went with half light, half semi-bold is to reflect the purpose of the website, as well as bringing attention to the mark. Full light or full semi-bold would also prove problematic due to the length of the name. In addition the name is made of two words, slanke (weightloss), and guiden (the guide), so it would make the whole name more quickly digestible for the brain.

The mark is simply the "i" resembling a slim person. Even though the target audience is quite broad, I know the majority of customers will be young and semi-young females. For that reason I tried to make the figure of the mark a tad feminine, but not so much that it would exclude male customers. The green dot was added to both bring attention to the mark, as well as reflecting the healthy part of weight loss.

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nice and subtle. i like that!

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Think you need to slide the e a tad closer to the k - leaving everything else where it is. It's a little open on the ke and a little tight on the eg - so just move the e a hair to the left to fix it. You might try making the figure a hair taller too - the top bevel even to the top of the u. But that's jmho.

Overall - good work. Well done.

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Good catch on the kerning, I agree, and it will be corrected.

I'm still on the fence about the "i" height, though. Currently the "tip" of the i is aligned with u's height, but perhaps I should consider extending it a little.

Thanks for the constructive criticism and compliments.

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Not digging this at all. I'm not saying it's terrible aesthetically but it's just not doing the job it's meant to do.

Before I critique, I'd like to thank you for giving us a brief to read. Much appreciated.

The first thing that hits me as I read text is that it's getting heavier instead of lighter; the exact opposite effect you want to have in a weight loss industry. 'Slanke' as the heavier weight and 'guiden' in the lighter weight would work to your advantage here.

Secondly, I'm just not feeling the 'i'. Seems forced, obvious. The color of the dot above the 'i'. Why? If the answer is 'just because I wanted a dash of color' you'll need to come up with a better reason or simply go 1-color (best choice I think).

Lastly, the grotesk typeface itself is somewhat dated. Now, I love that style of typography myself and perhaps an argument can be made the clean lines would appeal to your target audience (scandinavians). Dunno, just something to consider!

In short, I like the style but I feel execution is not forwarding the message you want.

Without my sense of direction, I don't know where I'd be.

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You make a good point about the light->heavy instead of heavy->light. I didn't think of that when I made it, but I thought it would be misleading to write "slanke" (meaning weight loss) in bold, and it would be less wrong to write the more neutral word "guiden" (meaing the guide) in bold. But I get your point.

About the color of the dot, I already explained my justification behind this choice. The green dot was added to both bring attention to the mark, as well as reflecting the healthy part of weight loss. It would also make it easier to understand the human figure concept.

Thanks for your feedback.

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No problem!

Without my sense of direction, I don't know where I'd be.

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I really like the type face, and the kerning (apart form the d and e as previously mentioned). I think the 'i' could be more subtle however. Any slight change to the letterform will be able to be recognised by the viewer, so that could be toned down a bit. I also see the dreaded human form made from the 'i' (which I understand is meant to represent human form, but might be too much at this stage) as has been discussed many times on this forum. Again reducing the 'i' back a bit might cure this.
Overall though I love the simplicity and rationale.

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Great feedback, much appreciated.

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