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You must have noticed that CB was really slow in the past few days. According to Dreamhost after the LA power cut they have a new issue with the core router dropping a lot of packets, which is causing severe network latency. They are apparently working on it. Sorry for this guys!

If you want to sign up with them, I have a promo code for 50USD off: WJD50.
::rolling eyes::

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I was gonna post about

I was gonna post about this...but seems like you were aware of it! Rather frustrating because I usually visit numerous times per day.

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It's very frustrating, I

It's very frustrating, I have to see what Dreamhost is doing about it... Apparently blogging: http://blog.dreamhost.com/ :)

I want to see how they gonna restructure their emergency program, because I've experienced way too many problems. If they respond well, I may stay, since I've payed 2 years in advance, but if they don't I will bite the bullet and move cb.

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They say it's fixed now. I've been reading their blog for a while now. It's kind of interesting and weird reading about your web host like that.

Our mediatemple site went down in the power outage too and now they're thinking about starting a status page for emergencies (we were only sent a message after the whole ordeal was all over). Dreamhost on the other hand already has such a page off their main network and updated it for us so at least we have some idea what's going on. Staying informed is a big issue for me, but then again, mediatemple was back up quicker.

Kind of makes you wonder why these hosts are in the city like that, maybe I'll have to take my sites back to Canada.

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Northern Europe should be

Northern Europe should be the safest I guess. Still looking for a hosting service that offers everything DH has and more. I don't mind the price if it's really good.

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It had to have taken over a

It had to have taken over a half hour to upload 7 pictures and preview my recent blog entry a few times, lol. At least after it's fixed we will all appreciate the speed of broadband.

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I know how you feel

My site's also hosted on dreamhost so I definitely feel the effects of the power outage. It's a shame because it's the only issue I've experienced with Dreamhost since I started using them as my webhost in November.

Hey, at least we're getting some feedback on the issue (in the form of blog posts). I run a site for some friends using a different webhost. When we've gone down, it was a horrible experience. HORRIBLE. I called them and they told me "We're experiencing issues, but it's nothing that you would understand. You can expect your site up in a couple days"

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Is Dreamhost the best host

Is Dreamhost the best host out there? What are your experiences with them? Is there another hoster who is better and charge about the same?

I am currently looking for a host that is extremely stable, lots of monthly bandwidth, and PHP5/MYSQL support.

What do you people think of:

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For me DH is the best out

For me DH is the best out there and been looking for everywhere. I'm open for recommendations.

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I have been with various

I have been with various hosts for my clients and currenlty I must say these guys are the best I've experience yet. Unless you want to spend a bit more money, of course. But I even ha hosts on expensive e-commerce account with verisign and there were problems. Just not of the No-power kind.

How about starting a submission where people can enter their webhosts name, a satisfaction rating, and whether the site is personal or commercial. Sorta a JD Power customer satisfaction rating on a slighty smaller scale. Then again do they have something like this already?

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blame the vendor - cisco!!

nice. just saw the DM blog and i love how they blame the cisco router. what about the people maintaining the router. or did this router come pre-configured from the factory????