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Startup Print and Design Company. Something that shows creative and fast turn around once order has been place.

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wow, this is horrible. consumers should love it!

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I am open for criticisim. Please point out its floors as I want to improve on it if it needs tweaking.

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first of all, what is this? is it a logo or a web banner or...?

next, you have a variety of objects with no continuity. the pen has a bunch of fine lines, but the envelope (im assuming thats supposed to be an envelope) is made up of rudimentary boxes

not enough contrast in the pen.
why is the arrowhead so horizontally stretched? it looks more like the roof of a house

then there is the stroke of various with and color. why is it red at first then turms blue? and it seems to step up in weight at each break, why doesnt it get thicker after the p?

speaking of the p. the underline below the p is closer to the right of the p than it is on the left. and why is the line broken between the words?

rainbow gradient. really? and the black drop shadow (if you must use it) should be either blurred, lightened or both. as it is, its fighting with the type.

i could go on, but this should give you something to chew on.

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No - you can't fix this, WG. Total reboot.

First you need to decide who you want for your clientele. If you want every bum in your area to be attracted to your business - this is the way to go. If you want people who are going to actually spend some money - you need to upscale this in a big way. Lose the 1980s fonts, lose the rainbow, lose the arrow, the clip art, everything. Start over and shoot for "classy" instead of "trashy".

And believe me - that's the GENTLE version of my critique.

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You don't even want to hear my reaction. Sorry. I'll only say, to your credit, the name "Sign Up" is cute. But you don't want to confuse the issue by adding a pen. People will think they're being asked to register for a class in design.


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oh! are you taking away that this is the name of the business? i hadnt considered that.

from the brief "once order has been place." i thought this was a button or something that allowed clients to track their job...

oh crap, thats not an envelope is it? is it a billboard?


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Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I needed all of it. Yes it was suposed to be a signboard as it was supposed to be a name of a print company. Thought sign up with the pen showing getting a quote to the billboard being put up. wanted to show the whole process in the name. I have taken in all you have told me and thank you guys. I will definatley rework this and present whence i can.

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Looking for a deign guru to make me their student. I have been self taught and no this is not the kind of crap i do I do have moments of good work however I loose no pride in saying that I am ever willing to learn. I put that out in the universe and ask my call be answered.

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well, at lest you came back. thats better than many people do!

with that said, my first response is that if it even crossed your mind that what you presented above is an acceptable design - then design isnt for you. seriously. i couldnt even tell IF it was a logo or not...

but i guess we all have our bad days ; )

the first thing to do is go to your local book store, art supply store or library and pick up a book of professional logo samples. there are probably a dozen or more different versions that come out on an annual basis. if your city doesnt have those types of establishments, simply look for samples online. a google search of "logo samples" will get you a long way. one of my personal favorites is logo lounge.

so look at the work you see in those places and compare it to what youve done. can you see some fundamental differences? and if so, what are they?

another thing to consider is that though a logo should convey a complete idea it doesnt have to tell every word of the story. the job of a logo is to say as much as possible with AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.

and to have a complete toolset when it comes to logo design, you kinda have to be able to draw. at least a little. not neccessarily from a realistic rendering perspective, but conceptually. you need to understand what elements are key to identifying an object and the elements that make an object different from something else.

one of my early assignments was to draw a phone with as few marks as possible. what are the primary visual elements that say PHONE? and do it with out also saying eyeglasses, bra or dogs face...

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Thank you. Yeah it was a bad day. I wanted to something out there to get direction and you have given me that. Thanks again. Knowledge is forever growing hence I am ever eager to absorb whatever the world can offer, your input and interest has been great and much appreciated.

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many of us here can be rather blunt. but usually in the spirt as much to inform rather than just criticise. so folks like you with thick skin and good atitude can take away a good bit of useful info... if they can brave the fire.

lets see the next round.

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Depressive for us.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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