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Shit Apple Fanatics Say

Making fun of Apple fanbois. Do we really say these things?

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They make solid products typically, most agree but does anyone else feel this sounds like ArtD? :D

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Or me? :)

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Think I've said maybe 3 of those things in my life...

Apple will survive without Steve Jobs (true, btw).

You get what you pay for (also true).

And I've explained more than once why the extra button is unnecessary on the mouse (why this is so important to PC folks... I have no clue. But over the years I've been asked about it quite often).

That video was surely made by PC users. That's the way PC folks imagine Apple fanatics talk - just as you imagine that's the way I talk, Z. I might have said some of those things, but I certainly feel no need to defend the best computer on the planet. I do it because it's fun to watch the PC folks squirm. ;-)

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You frequently say you have no need to defend it yet you frequently do. One of many points of the video. Apple products are like any other well designed tool. They have plenty of positives, as I said- I won't disagree. Apple however isn't an invulnerable deity who makes the only worthy products on the planet; that's more to the point it reminds me of you and what you seem to miss :p

Why do you assume that it was made by PC users? Are Apple customers incapable of looking at themselves in a more fun-loving light? or is just the humour of those who shop Apple far more sophisticated as well?

Something you have yet to understand about me is I use Apple products just as much as I use any other brand, I find them enjoyable in their own purposes just as I do with other products and their strengths. If I'm imagining you talking a certain way, when you're saying the things I'm imagining... well.. now I am confused.

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I think you ARE confused, ZM. I said I have no NEED to defend Apple - I do it because it's fun to tweak the PC users. IOW... I don't do it for the reason this video implies - because I am somehow self conscious about Apple products and their (alleged) imperfections. PC folks want to believe this is how the typical Mac user is in real life - constantly defending their use of Macs. However the reality is Mac users simply don't care about things like the extra mouse button or the Air not having a DVD player. These are things only PC users would find "funny". Mac users find it rather tedious and predictable (see WG's response). Not to mention OLD - we've been hearing this stuff ever since we bought our first machine. So no - I do not believe any Apple user would make this video - because this is not Mac humor... it's PC "humor". Mac humor would have some nebbish PC weenie with a poster of Bill Gates on his wall wearing eyeglasses taped together on the bridge of his nose whining about how "Macs SUCK! They only have ONE mouse button! And why doesn't the Air come with a DVD player? Who thought THAT was a good idea?" Meanwhile there would be a home made PC in the background shaped like R2D2 or something with the thermometer on the screen barely moving because it's taking hours to install an internet browser... etc... etc...

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wow, that was long, unfunny and just kind of dumb.

im an apple user and i use right click all day long. couldnt live without it.

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+1 I didn't quite understand that. Obviously relates to the magic mouse but it still has both buttons.. weird.

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Apple could launch a logo lovers site...

yes I'm brazilian xD

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Be careful dude, apple will sue u:) lol

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