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Self-Branding/Personal logo3

I'm not sure if these logos are good. I just thought of some ideas and wanted to get critiques. I guess the 5th and 6th logo are not original as it has been used in the Facebook logo. I'm still trying to create a san serif logo of my name in signature form as a substitute to creating a design.

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GET OFF THE COMPUTER as your starting point!!! im seeing more artifacts of the computer than solutions by the designer

like someone mentioned earlier. you're missing out on concepts because you're starting on the computer where things look finished at step one. get a black marker and a sketch pad. work small. sketch and sketch and sketch then maybe scan something in in high res (600-1200dpi) then blow them up and cut and paste them

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+1, if you have a park where you live go for a walk. It's probably not the most seasonal out unless you live in New Zealand/ Australia but something to get you away from the project will help. Once you come back if you don't have any logo design books, for inspiration- buy some. If you're not comfortable with spending that money find some useful to you under the logo section here: http://www.designerslist.info/

Logo's, no matter what anyone says need to start in one colour and are born on paper. By this generalization, I mean anything worth using. This does not mean the first 10 logos you draw will yield something worth the "wait". People go through hundreds of concepts sometimes looking for that perfect logo to use for whichever application they're working. With my logo to the left I went through about 300+ variations and thumbnails over the years to finally get to something that I not only didn't immediately hate, but something I've been proud to show off for more than a month.

Once you're inspired, write out a brief detailing objectively what you want from this logo, who it speaks to and why, how it does that and when/ where it will be used. These will be your own guidelines to make you happy. Once you have these, go through to your brainstorming stage and mindmap out concepts and ideas that come to your head, they don't need to follow the brief, but anything will be helpful to you. Sketch out little pictograms that come to mind as well if you choose. Once you've got your base ideas in the web, branch out. More, and more. Highlight things that seem most interesting to you and do them- remember to keep glancing at your brief finding ones that aren't just appealing to you, but something you objectively wanted from your project.

Once you've found 5 out of the mass quantity of thumbnails (80+, assuming you want something nice for yourself, regardless of your class project) you may then digitize them, but no colour just yet. Refine the shapes, see what's useful to you and objectively look at your brief again and weed out which ones don't fit for you or your personal taste. If you have 2-3 still that you're extremely proud of and that you'd like to put up for critique/ use after a nights rest and they still look that way in the morning then you may have finally done what you've wanted to. Personal logo design is tougher because when we see a clever or cute idea that objectively doesn't work for us, all designers find it harder to weed those out because there's not an angry client we're showing it to- that's why critique is important.

*Deep breathe* Now, your concepts are very oddly coloured. Most logos only include 2-3 colours and it's only for good reason. Is there a reason you've used these colours in your first example? The typography is suffering greatly in these examples as they don't quite fit their graphical applications (your second example works best). The symbols and boxes on the bottom are highly unbalanced, they look like they're about to fall over and need to be centered. As I mentioned last post, how important is that one embellished tail on the M? Create your own typeface or try another, it's not working for you here.

Question, what class is this for? Just curious now.

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