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Self-promotion postcard

Hi, all.

I'd really like your input on this postcard I am creating to promote my company.
(Front and back are shown side-by-side here.)

The intent is to introduce myself to potential clients who have never heard of me.
Within roughly a week of mailing these, I'll follow up with a "warm call" to the person who received this card to ask if they are interested in my services.

My target markets are:
publishers of newsletters and other small print publications;
ad agencies, marketers and in-house marketing / creative departments;
and small business owners who need the services of a professional designer.

Since my website needs an overhaul, I'm asking recipients to contact me for samples, rather than just directing them to my online portfolio.
If they respond I will send JPEG and / or PDF samples tailored to what they are interested in.

The 4 small illustrations of faces would be in full 4-color process.
In the interest of time, I just doodled in the illustrations for position only.

Do you think this postcard will create the right impression?
What do you think of sending samples instead of directing them to my website?
How do you think this postcard compares with other postcards or self-promotions for designers that you have seen?

I intend to do 3 more postcards this year - one roughly every 3 months.
If someone has already received this "introductory" postcard, next time they will receive a new design - some other postcard that expresses similar things.

Thanks -- looking forward to hearing your comments! -- Kathy Piersall

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Please do not take offense, but these really do not shout " hi im a professional, fresh thinking creative designer and you really should use me because Im the best"... they feel like something done with Microsoft Publisher and clipart.

The key here would be to simplify, drastically.

Step one, choose a style and stick to it. I can spot about 5 different styles on each side. also, the two sides of the card dont match at all.... please sort this out

Step two, only show your best work. When people slap stock photos on things it says "quick job" and lacks care, These dont feel creative to me, sorry.

" Do you think this postcard will create the right impression? "
Im afraid not.

You might benefit from looking at your competition, seeing what they're sending out, studying what it is they're doing wrong and do it right.

You might also benefit from using print templates to get you started... or something..

good luck, I feel there is a long way to go.



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Not to ride your bandwagon Jammo, but I agree 100%.

Take a look at what's out there.

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No offense, but you make everyone but yourself sound like total a**holes.

Is your target audience people who have been ripped off by graphic designers that are total slackers? Usually its the client who rips off the designers, but I'm biased.

Think about this, you are asking people if they are sick of prima donna graphic designers, when you yourself are coming across as one. Irony? I'd say so.

The drawing board is calling, go back to it, think concept.

Sorry for the harsh tone, I'm a believer in having the work speak for itself instead of convincing people in a used car salesman tone of voice.

"The higher you jump on the flagpole, the higher the bonus you receive."

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sorry but his totally right...


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I'd say you are not sure what a client is afraid of. As for the small businesses you are interested in, it's usually spending too much $$ on something they wish they could just do themselves.

You have to advertise:
1. Competitive prices.
2. Quick turnaround.
3. Creative control for client.
4. Unique designs and illustrations at their disposal. etc. etc.

There is way too much going on there and your not saying anything meanigful in the first glance. Your drawings are kinda cute, you should use them more effectively. Kill the ghosting. Cut the copy. And, I wouldn't waste my $$ on those multple postcards unless there is new information on them.

Don't be foolish, revamp your website before you work on this further.

from, s. "not a prima donna ALL the time" b.

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