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Hi everyone,

This is a site dedicated to network activities for professionals 40 and over.
This is part of a series of websites, kind of like a subwebsite.

This is the parent website http://www.thingstododc.com/. I know it's awful.

Please let me know what you think

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socialising or socializing, not sosialicing
"events and activities for professionals 40 & over" the way you have it now makes it sound like it's for a quantity over professionals, not their age.

other then that, it's a nice clean site, simple, good for easy looking navigation. all VERY important seeing as the 40 and over crowd is often the "less computer savvy" crowd as some may say..

i like the colors and feel of it, just needs some minor details to be looked over.

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Nice Site

The site is clean and looks good!
Lou Lou

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Great work. Like both the

Great work. Like both your palette combo and fonts you've selected.

It reads well as a site geared towards the professional 40+ crowd, and I believe you'll attract those who live and breathe the electronic world...computer savvy CEOs and higher up execs.

Only comment: downplay the thingstodo button, even though it's the link back to the parent (ha!) site. I'd have it more subtly placed at the base rather than right in the midst of signing the older generation up. Also, I'd probably replace the two ladies in the pool with a couple of women in their early to mid-forties hitting the links. I'd also lose the underlined text in the titles...little too early '90's. Love the dancing feet shot!


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Yeah, I agree about the

Yeah, I agree about the women in the pool. Looks like aquatic therapy for the geriatric crowd.

What what you say about people over 40 being computer-challenged. I'd say that's more the problem of the 70+ crowd.

Mara (60 years old, and entirely capable of clicking Web site buttons, thank you very much ;-)

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Sheesh! What is it with the double postings lately?

Must be my age (ahem).


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agreed on losing the

agreed on losing the underline/rules. i do like the color palette and the big blocks.

i'd probably rework the line breaks on the main title to be:

events and
for 40+

40+ looks really lonely all by itself.

btw, this site made me realize you're local to me. i lived in arlington for 7 years (in falls church now). do you go to any of the AIGADC events?