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The cover for the new Seasonable Portfolio -(A folio that is showed to clients), Called "thought process"! Its a little busy for a cover, what do you think? Ivan...matt....?

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How big?

How big will it be? i can't read the small text in this preview. Not really sure what the video cameras have to do with the theme, it's an interesting design though. Like the colors.

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Were you naming me? Ooo I feel special if so.
Like the colours but are you sure the "Seasonable" type goes well. The whole thing looks quite rough and ready and the type looks quite posh. I wouldn't go with white either.

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I love the colours.

I really love the colour combination you chose. The biggest improvement that I see right off that could be made is the font choice. The font for "seasonable" and the font for "thought process" seem very out of place together and on the background, and I'm not sure of the feel you are going for with the type. Otherwise, I really like the rising sunburst and the lil bit of grunge. =)