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Advertising Design 2 class project

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You're focusing too much on the colour and not on the fact that reversiing it out and having the kerning so close reduces readability. Do you see what I mean? The thickness conflicts with the kerning and is made worse by reversing it out.

Its a good idea to design this in pure black and white (no shades of grey)

You've presented one solution here, but its not resolved very well. Im speculating here, but I dont think you've done very many versions, just played around with one idea and you like the colours (which, in the end, are some good colours). Try going to a piece of paper and just spending ten minute or twenty minutes sketching some ideas out. Its what all the best designers do :)

edit: I forgot to say as well, the foundation at the bottom is too heavy in the black versions and too light in the grey versions. It feels tacked on, like SAVE THE MUSIC . . . . . (foundation), ya know?

I have a feeling this may be a typographic solution in the end, as there are too many words to fit around a logo

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Yep, the overwhelming

Yep, the overwhelming negative space is making these logos unreadable.

Powerpoint is not a design application