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Safe sex campaign #2

I'm just and ordinary guy with no experience whatsoever in design or copywriting. I don't own a Mac nor do I have any experience in the use of ANY design programs. I don't consider myself a designer or a copywriter by any means. I just seem to have an innate passion for coming up with ad ideas which I personally feel have potential, but would like to receive the candid opinion of all of you who are well-seasoned in the areas of design and copywriting. I would very much like to pursue my passion further by learning some design programs and perhaps buying a Mac, but would first like to know from all of you who have taken the moment to look at my work whether or not you feel that I may have some potential for this work.

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OK, I'm going out on a limb here.

First off, your copy skills are nice. I like the previous 6-pack slogan and a few others. I like the covering up of "ss" on this one too.

As far as execution, I don't find them to be great....not bad, but not good either. Just so, so. You admittedly have no training, so I encourage you to get some. There IS potential here, but you need to learn about fonts, etc.....The fact that you call it a "passion" is enought for me to encourage you to follow up with some kind of training.

I think you have submitted enough designs for us to crit, especially the type of subject matter. Why? You have chosen a very sensitive subject matter to try and illustrate/design and the power of just saying "hey, use a condom" is almost enough to make the piece valid. For example, if a small child draws a picture of a car and is on a commercial saying "drinking and driving killed my mommy" does anone care what the drawing looked like?

I hope you understand my point. The subject matter here, along with the images chosen (crashed cars, in a previous piece), don't need any artistic skill to be good (OK, someone could do a bad job).

Here is a better example I just thought about. How about a picture of a mangled car with a child seat laying on the road. Unden it, put a gills san "don't drink and drive"

There isn't much designing needed, nor copyright. I think this goes for most of your work submitted.

What I would like to critique from you is a ficticious ad for toilet paper, how about recycled copy paper. Something bland that needs good design (sorry to anyone whom actually does this for a harm intended) But some products need good design to sell them.

Look at apple, the packaging has nothing, why? Because the product is so strong.

Like I said previously, go for it, you have the passion, you need some training.

Good luck!

(how about a poster for bottled water? That is more of a challenge.)

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Wurx, in reply to your critique of my work, you spared me no mercy...kudos to you. I needed that. This is all part of the refining process for me. I must admit that I was relieved to hear you say that you did see potential in some of my work. Just as a note, you had commented on both the copy and design aspect of my work. For as long as I have dabbling at this, I still don't know what to label myself as, but if I had to I think that I would say my strong point is copywriting. I truly don't believe that I have a knack for designing. because Ive been in a sort of limbo with what to consider myself as in this area of work, I chose simply to refer to myself as a "creative" (I hope that isn't being pretentious). Im digesting a lot of the things you said in your critique and I will attempt to give a jab at a print ad for toilet paper and something something for the bottled water. I enjoy rising to challenge. Thanks a bunch for the critique, as I really did need to hear it.


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I am glad you got my point. I can be a bit harsh at times, but it is my job to crit on a daily basis (I'm an art director). And, yes, I do see potential and I look forward to you TP ad. Post it up.......

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