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I think the best way to start any design project is to sketch on paper with a pen or pencil. It helps you come up with ideas and organize your thoughts.

At the same time I feel bad about wasting paper and not being able to save these sketches together with my project for future reference (without the extra step of scanning them in of course).

This is where Scribbles comes into the picture. Scribbles gives you the simplicity you get from a just paper and pencil, but offer things that paper can't deliver.

Scribble has a novel user interface. Forget Photoshop or even Painter. Scribbles gives you many features that makes it stand apart from anything you used before:

  1. Intuitive and 3D animated layer management
  2. Super easy picking of colors, brushes and brush sizes
  3. Infinite canvas — use as much as you like
  4. vector based — looks sharp at practically any size
  5. Extremely easy navigation, scaling, zooming etc.
  6. Tracing paper support — draw over stuff on your screen

Check out a few examples from the Scribbles gallery:

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Doodling with Scribbles

Thanks for pointing this app out, Ivan. I ran a few peripheral tests on the application this morning and liked it quite a bit:

  • very Mac-like feel
  • small footprint on your system - much smaller than either Photoshop or Painter - feels very light
  • responsive to my Wacom tablet
  • excellent usability - you'll learn to use it in about 5 minutes or less
  • full version exports in a number of formats and resolutions
  • On the downside:

  • Limited keyboard shortcuts (I'm assuming because it's a version 1 application, but Photoshop-like shortcuts would be really nice
  • When one can do this sort of work in either Photoshop or Painter (even though they're heavier applications, should a designer/illustrator add yet another application to their workflow?
  • Again, thanks for the head's up on this app, and an eye on this developer.

    Craig Michael Patrick
    http://www.cmpatrick.com (under construction)

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