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New search engine limits results to 14 days for more relevant results

When you talk about search on the Internet, you're probably talking about Google. Sure, Bing is slowly creeping-in to the discussion, but it's an outsider at best. The problem with searching on Google is relevant results. You don't always get them.

Google is pretty good at bringing you accurate search results, but those results are often times tainted by the fact that people who create web pages have gotten much better about their SEO efforts over the years, thus littering the search results with historical clutter. If you're searching for pages on a particularly recent subject matter that happens to have a long history on the web, you're likely to be presented with results that can be years old mixed-in with the pages that were just created yesterday.

Enter - where no matter what you search for, only the last two weeks worth of pages are shown in the results. If you're searching for historical data, this probably won't interest you. But if you're looking for current information and trending topics, NowRelevant offers a mighty attractive alternative to Google and Bing.

I've played around with NowRelevant for a week or two and found it to be quite useful. The results are accurate, timely and presented in an uncluttered manner.

Google's Advanced Search allows you to limit the number of results by date as well, but to give you an idea of the difference between the two, you need only search for a popular topic. For my testing purposes, I did a search for "iTunes." I chose iTunes because I knew how popular it was and that there would likely be tons of results.

Google turned up over 75 MILLION results in the last 24-hours. NowRelevant turns up 784,808 results. While even that sounds crazy for only a 24-hour period, Google's 75 million is clearly out of whack.

NowRelevant certainly poses no threat to Google or even Bing. But if you're looking for more recent search results, give NowRelevant a try.

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Love the service, hate their logo.

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Yeah, hopefully the logo is beta as well ;)

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The results were good but I found it painfully slow.

Re: the clunky logo... HowIrrelevant

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Amazing what you people can be convinced is good!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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