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Image Trick

Image Trick screenshot

Here is a proof of concept application for Core Image that we discussed before. Image Trick does many Core Image filters on the fly. To test the speed of the hardware accelerated filters check out Zoom Blur and drag the slider for an instant effect. It all depends on your video card of course, but it looks promising.


I like the Gloom effect the most. It may be quite useful for certain jobs. The other interesting one is kaleidoscope. Yes you need a thousand dollar Mac these days to play with your iPhotos. :) I also liked the screen filters and the on the fly bump distortion effect.

Image Trick will not replace Photoshop as yet, but it's a fun toy with some effects that are actually unique. Thanks to BeLight for this application and I hope to see further development that makes it less often.

Download it for free here.

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ya it'ds cool .,, but unless it gets animation or selection tools it is kinda just pokey hokey.

Now turning something like quartz composer into a user tool would be a super something.

workys --->>

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i was just playing with core image from tiger. its amazing. the filters are so fast, especially fun was the page curl and dot screen.

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It's quite a powerful app. I got some rather beautiful and bizarre results:

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