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CSS editing got simpler Today

We were just recently talking about web page editors in the forum. And here it is! For now this post is just a release announcement, but we're going to post a review soon.

For years, CSS (style sheets) has suffered from a serious drawback. It's a tool for designers, but to get the most out of it, developers have to be very comfortable hand coding web pages.

The just released Style Master 4, from Western Civilisation, promises to change that.

See right into a design with the all new "X-Ray" Style Master 4's revolutionary "X-Ray" feature shows developers graphically the relationship between a web page and its CSS. A select any statement in a style sheet, and Style Master reveals visually which elements of the page it styles. Click any element in that web page, and Style Master reveals instantly which statements in a style sheet style it.

"Visual" coding for the web Visual coding tools in the 1990s made programming far more accessible. Style Master brings the ease of visual coding to CSS, while still providing the fine tuned control of hand coding. Users can build style sheets for web pages by literally clicking the elements they want to style. Style Master can also build style sheets in moments based on old HTML documents.

Error free code Unrivaled syntax styling doesn't just color keywords, but alerts users to even the most subtle bugs they might make in their CSS, as they type

Not just for experts Style Master is filled with features to ease the learning curve for those new to CSS, from our renowned CSS tutorial, to powerful Wizards and Editors, and over 30 professionally designed ready to go templates. Priced at just US$59.99, available for Mac OS X and Windows, Style Master is the essential tool for any developers needing to get up to speed with CSS, or become even more proficient.

A 30 day unlimited demo is available, and Style Master comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee.

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If you're using OS X, you can get a similar (and, I think, more elegant) application for half the price. MacRabbit offers the excellent shareware CSSEdit which I swear by for all of my CSS editing needs.

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I tried CSSEdit but it has one unfortunate side effect, it writes the files with the wrong permissions. So I have to go in and manually do a chmod command to my stylesheets. I couldn't find any way to override this behavior.

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I agree with reid beels, CSSEdit do exactly the same job for only $24.99.

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Rather than reviewing just the one application, why not go for a comparitive review covering Style Master, TopStyle, CSSEdit, etc. I've read reviews of all of the above before, but never a side-by-side, head-to-head comparison.

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that's not a bad idea. so, which ones shall we do? CSSEdit, StyleMaster for sure. Anything else? DreamWeaver maybe?

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And if you can write CSS or just want to maintain it, there is the WebDeveloper plugin for Mozilla and Firefox.

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That price is pretty outrageous for what it does. And it really, really wants to connect to for some reason. Turns up as Google when I put it in Safari, but I haven't investigated any further.

Thumbs down.

Is there really a huge demand for CSS editors? What's wrong with a plain ol' text editor?

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If you're going to do a shoot-out be sure to include TopStyle. Dreamweaver can do CSS, but it really isn't a css-editor.

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Supercharged said...
"If you're going to do a shoot-out be sure to include TopStyle. Dreamweaver can do CSS, but it really isn't a css-editor."

And TopStyle isn't really Mac OSX compatible either.

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On OS X, the demo presents and empty dialog box with "OK" as the only option, and then quits when you click it.

Yeah, that's a good Mac App for you.

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I bought CSSEdit and have been really happy with it, so I don't see the need to try/buy something else.

I have not had any problems with permissions...

I'd love to hear from someone who's used both.'s picture

hmm, what happened to the member's forum??

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I've been using MacRabbit's CSSEdit as well for a while now which I am *REALLY* please with. There are a few quirks, like the previews detached with wierd dropdowns, etc., but by in large quicker and easier to use than anything I've seen.
I usually start with a basic XHTML page and then jump right into the CSS. So using CSSEdit works great for me.

I started with DreamweaverMX04 as my editer until i found CSSEdit earlier last year. It's come a long way and the developer said he has plans for a new version early '05!

I love the X-Ray visuals that show you where corresponding tags use the CSS, and the reverse, but StyleMaster tries to do too much for it's own good in my opinion and also seems to be for people who don't like to write CSS. Wizards etc... StyleMaster seems great! I just don't work the way StyleMaster has it setup.

For what it is, I'd rather use CSSEdit.

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303 pencils

It looks as if Stylemaster will automatically scan the linked HTML doc and create statements for each different element. Can CSSEdit do that? It seems like a huge plus if it could. Anyone know?

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