rebel fabiano┬┤s birthday

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this is a tribute to one of fabiano's favourite bands: gnarls barkley

the look is inspired by thei album cover and the "crazy" video clip.

i hope it looks like what it is supposed to look like.

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i like it but i was the one

i like it but i was the one that designed it. so i dont count.


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haha - good one

great to see personality outside of the personality of a piece....the only thing i'd say is to lower the vertical text so the .com isnt overlaying the graphic...otherwise i really like it...=)

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i really dont care much

i really dont care much about that website part. i think most people know that http:// is for websites. but it is a good point.

thanks for thw words. =]


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Looks good to me! Maybe it's

Looks good to me!

Maybe it's part of the style, but more regular spacing between the lines of text in the heart shape may help it, and the Agasto word seems a little bit lost at the bottom there.

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