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I have a couple of questions to those who went through the Photoshop activation process. I already sent my questions to Adobe, but thought I might get faster responses here:

(1) I plan to upgrade my US Photoshop CS license to CS2 and use it in Saudi Arabia. Will that cause an activation problem?

(2) I plan to install my single Photoshop CS2 license on two machines. First, on the studio computer. Second, a laptop for location photo shoots. However, only one will be used at one time as I am the only user. Will that cause an activation problem?

Thanks :)

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The answer to number 2

From Adobe's site

May I use the software on more than one computer at a time?

The activation process supports installation on two machines. The Adobe product license agreement allows the primary user to install the product on a primary computer and also on a home or laptop computer for his or her use, provided that the two copies are not used simultaneously. While the activation process supports installing and activating Adobe software on two machines, the usage of the product on the second computer is restricted to the user who licensed the software. Allowing others to use a second copy of the software violates the product license agreement.

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Thanks drjohn, I'm just

Thanks drjohn,

I'm just worried the internet activation (new to me) would cause problems. Being in Saudi Arabia I would have to go through a chain of resellers that would cost me an arm & a leg of phone calls to get things fixed. Then go to the dilemma of explaining why I don't like using the ME edition (Middle East).


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