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PS.CS question .. rotating images

Saw this tip on the blog a while back, and love it! been using it since then!


i use every keyboard shortcut i can to help me work on the computer, but one thing has been bothering me. to get to the Measure Tool, i need to click and hold the eyedropper tool to get up the drop down menu and from there on choose the right tool. the eyedropper tool always pops up on top after i've used the measure tool... which gets boring when you need to fix a bunch of pics.

is there a shortcut (without making your own)?

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I don't think there is a shortcut, but you can avoid for the pop-up by holding Alt (Option) while clicking. Alt+double click will take you to the measuring tool.

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well... that does get me half way there... a lot better...


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The "I" key is the hot key for the eyedropper tool. If you hold shift while pressing the hot key it will cycle throught the different varients of that tool. So, by holding shift and pressing "I" twice you should find yoursel using the measure tool. Hope that helps.

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oh yeah... that's what I was looking for!

thanks guys...

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