Prodigy my ass!

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She is cute and all, but c'mon people! :roll:

Child art prodigy wows New York

A four-year-old girl is wowing the New York art world with paintings that are drawing comparisons with Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky.

Marla Olmstead, from Binghamton, in New York state, has been painting since just before she was two years old.

Using brushes, spatulas, her fingers and even ketchup bottles, she is creating canvases of six by six foot.

The prodigy has already sold about 25 paintings, raising $40,000 (£22,000) and a new exhibition opens on Friday.

from BBC

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I can take a crap on a piece

I can take a crap on a piece of canvas and call it art... maybe I should get an agent to look into selling my "crap on canvas"! :roll:

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I'm gonna have my cat walk ov

I'm gonna have my cat walk over a canvas, after I spraypaint him pink.

I'll make millions!!!!

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"wowing the New York art worl

"wowing the New York art world"

Haha...the "Salon" lives! :roll:

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i'm gonna take a white canvas

i'm gonna take a white canvas, paint a white square on it and call it art. :)

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Oops it's been done before, b

Oops it's been done before, by Kazimir Malevich 86!!!! years ago! :D


scroll down

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NY art is all about a good ma

NY art is all about a good manager and MKTG. Well, art in general is all about a good manager and MKTG. I have seen awesome artists who can't even afford to buy a canvas to do their painting on (my father has been one of them many times- his art can be seen at pcset.com) and others that I would not even display by the garbage can who sell for 1000s if not 10 000s $ just because they have the "name".

Just like music, I hear awesome bands and singers who sing in 25 cent drink bars and look at Briteney Spears and other pop stars who blow a microphone that's how bad they sound unless their voice is digitized.

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I agree with you, except for

I agree with you, except for Britney, I think she CAN sing and dance. I think she will be like Madonna, once she matures, she will do awesome music. not yet, but it's coming...

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Britney? No.

I think perhaps 9 people in the music industry think she has true skills. Awesome music, IMHO, will never come from her. Of course, I think that Miles Davis and the class created some awesome music...and lots of people think they suck.

Madonna, whose musical style I don't really embrace, is a stylistic chameleon, whose voice and dance have, not to mention image, have succeeded on many levels.

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I stand corrected, she

I stand corrected, she didn't make it.

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At least the little prodigy c

At least the little prodigy can have a credit card of her liking now.

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dog biting

i remember a few years ago some guy selling "art" in NYC. it was nothing more then two pieces of colored paper sandwiching a piece of carbon paper (or some junk like that) and he'd have his dog bite it to high hell, then sell it.

it's incredible to think people will pay so much for soooo little. good for her for making it rich, but jokes on the morons who are paying for this junk
Architectural Technician - Multimedia Designer

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I love the way that now the rich are buying...

...graffiti now too.

Admittedly Banksy is a whole other breed of graffiti, but the fact that his pieces are now selling at auction for hundreds of thousands of pounds just goes to show that some art does actually get the recognition it deserves.

Although I am pissed off that I didn't buy earlier actually.
I've decided I'm going to invest this year come December when Santa's Grotto reopens for it's annual sale. I was gutted I didn't have the cash to buy last year as there was some stunning work there by many different so called "guerilla" artists.


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"Marla's family see elements of Jackson Pollock in her work."

Yeah, duh!!! Of course they see her work to be reminiscent of JP. Who wouldn't.

Gee, my daughter just painted an abstract cubist style self-portrait. Does that mean she's the next Pablo Picasso???

God, wouldn't that be nice.

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You know, I was the one in my senior art seminar class who argued to the death that "anything can be art"-- which I believe. But, seriously. I don't know. Sure, it's art. It just sounds like a bunch of people with a lot of money.

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And the fact that it's a child, doesn't help...

I'm sure if an adult did the exact same thing, there wouldn't be so much fuss over it.

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Damn it! This thread just cost me a few hundred dollars!

What started as a small Google search to find info on the next gallery exhibition with a few artists I was interested in lead to me finding their online store and abusing my credit card to buy a few limited edition prints.

For anyone who cares, and those who don't, I'm now the proud owner of these limited edition screen prints *the frames aren't part of the artwork, just the way the prints are presented on the site:-

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Really Cool...

How did you find the website?

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I Googled to see when in December Santa's Grotto (the name of the annual exhibition), opened this year and on the gallery's website I found that you can now buy online.

Check it out, you can buy stuff from about $20 to $1500 and all of it will go up in value so it can be quite a good investment too. Some of the prints, particularly the Banksy ones, have sold on eBay for 4 times their value within 12 months.


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