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First, my apologies if I am stepping on toes: I am not a designer by trade. This site came up via Google and seems to have good information.

I have volunteered to do a newsletter for a non-profit and am struggling to get up to speed with InDesign CS2.

I have an article spanning 3 pages. The article's Next Page Number works on Page 1, and its Previous Page Number works at the top of Page 2; however, the Next Page Number at the article's column bottom on Page 2 also displays the Page 2, not Page 3 as it should. It continues: on Page 3, the Previous Page Number also says Page 3, not Page 2 as it should.

Earlier today, the numbering worked properly. But, later, I messed with the Master feature and in so doing, things somehow went awry. I cannot seem to undo what I've done.

Any assistance/links to instructions on how I might correct these pages is greatly appreciated; I've got a lot more to lay out!

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Don't stop using google.

Don't stop using google. There's a lot of answers out there for you. :)


Powerpoint is not a design application