Pro Bono T-shirt design for Atlanta Food Bank revised

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T-shirt design for Atlanta Food Bank for their new program "Youth Leadership Summit"

Bring it on.... I'm ready

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it screams...


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For the record, Julie, the

For the record, Julie, the "Anonymous" above isn't me this time ;-)


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that's funny, it didn't even cross my mind... made me giggle though.. thanks


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A couple things came to mind for me:

The fonts don't seem to fit well with the design. I would stick with grungier fonts to match the style of your image. The font on the banner looks "Oregon Trail"-ish.

The splatter looks very uniform and unnatural. Also, to me there is a fine line between messy and busy. Right now it looks more busy than grunge/messy. Maybe find some resources for splatter-type textures or brushes instead of trying to illustrate it yourself.

If you are going to use ornament type shapes, it's best (at least in my experience) to combine them so it almost looks like part of the splatter. In this it looks more like they are floating there.

It seems somewhat empty to me, and the only reason I can think of why it would seem that way, is there is too much solid blue "space" in the splatter. Perhaps making the splatter smaller(or everything else bigger), and making the utensils form a more narrow "X" would fill out the design.

Hope that helps.

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