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hi, i'm submitting my portfolio to a university, and was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to get my pages printed on photo paper without having them bound in a book? most of the local places i've gone to, my images do not come out in very good quality at all! most of the online places i've looked at have a bound book as my only option. also, i just have my images placed in a .doc file, as i need to have descriptions along with them. is there another program i should use? any advice would be great.


I gave up and bought my own printer

After much banging of head against a brick wall, I broke down and spent $250 for a Canon 13 x 19 printer, some nice paper, and printed my portfolio myself.
Turned out beautifully.

I would choose InDesign over Word. I'm not sure how a .doc file will handle high res images.


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ok i'll give it a shot. thanks

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