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Please help me out


I need a little help concerning this two logo designs.
I am absolutely no professional but had to do this :)
3 Questions:
Is it possible to have the homepage writing within the logo (e.g. for some printing stuff)?
What do you think of the orange in the ELMAR, is it better or worse?
Is there anything else I have to mind in this design?

- X looks like the car we design from above
- 4 hooks standing for 4 electric driving engines
- Our slogan is: "keep it simple" and so is the logo design.

Thanks for any response

Greetings from Germany

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- the typo is so squared for your logo.
there's no connection themselves.

- I don't like the construction of these elipses.

- You open the possibility to people make "Celmar" or "Xelmar" read.

- Orange and black combo could define the german flag (red+yellow= orange) I think your colour choice makes sense.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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Don't you just hate it when you're forced to do "design work" in your non-design job? Don't they have people to do all of that?

Leaky Penny
Check out what I've been up to lately!

I'm going to print it out and eat it.

-Unknown Artist

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Sure I do hate it.
But its also very interesting to gain some insight in designing topics.
We are 2 people out of 25 in our degree course and we have the task to make the whole coperate design for our project -> stressful.
thx so far for your comments

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So this is a student project, not something you've been asked to do at work? Please be open about this so we don't start going down the "hire a designer" road.

That said, I don't know, Hives. This looks a little generic to me. Wouldn't you want something more distinctive?

The ellipses are each a little different from each other, and neither seems to follow a smooth elliptical "orbit," if you complete the circles through the blank spaces. This makes me uncomfortable. The ellipses needn't match -- in fact, it might be more interesting if they didn't (especially if your vehicles have 4-wheel drive) -- but their differences seem arbitrary: differently finished points. If you want the two shapes to be really hooky-looking, you'll need to make them less like they're trying to be perfect ellipses, otherwise the mind wants to complete that line.

Of the two logos, I prefer the first because the second contains a tag line for your Web presence that should not be part of a logo. In any case, it is much too small to be legible at the size you would use for most business collaterals (cards, letterhead, etc.). Also, the second logo has the orange EL, which brings me to qwertyale's point about the possibility that your mark (the crossed ellipses) could read as an X or C. That would be more likely to happen with the mark and EL having the matching orange. You could fix the potential XEL/CEL problem by rearranging the position of the mark relative to the company name. Unless there's a linguistic reason to separate the EL from the MAR, I see no reason to set the EL in orange.

I don't agree with qwerty about the sharp edges of the type disagreeing with the roundness of the mark, but it would be interesting if you tried something more Bauhaus-looking. That might make the mark look even more generic, though -- too much like Lexus, for example.


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this reminds me alot of this car/motorbike company,

I think its the colours, watch out for association, especially with something thats in the same industry.

16 billion colours and you choose the one i cant create !??!

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Seen it before. Reminds me of the Saturn logo too, but I'm 90% positive I've seen this exact same idea somewhere else.

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This logo is remembering me about the logo of a company I saw a couple of days ago. Can't remember the name at them moment but I'll post the logo as soon as I remember :)

Linux for open minds

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thanks for all your comments. I realize that there are enough points to improve ;)
Here are some designs made by our tutor who should help us.
Everyone of our course did not like the logo so we had to recreate it...
First the original:" />

and heres what i have done with it:" />

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No offense, but your tutor's work doesn't impress me. The perspective is awful, and the outer glow/outline/inner gradients are weak. Your solid-color version is not an improvement over your original idea because it lacks a concept. You started by trying to suggest the shape of the vehicle. Now, all you have is a couple of calligraphy strokes with angles on the ends that don't have anything to do with anything.


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Doesn't impress you??? I should hope it makes you vomit in epic volumes. ;)

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mara, I think it's better to don't make associations in this level with car shape because branding needs to consider that companies could change or add new products for different targets. the electrical engine could be used for a motorcycle project on the future and so on. The business changes dramatically nowadays and you need to be prepared.

I liked these simple shapes but think this kind of businees needs a "forward" concept. These roughs don't have the "wow" factor as Numonyx Memory Solutions, I think you could work on typography now.

is anyone here afraid with blending and 3D effects?

I think we have enough technology to make these things go on. We don't print tons of companies portfolios anymore, the things goes massively digital.

this numonix Symbol and Typography could be either printed without effects and the identity would be still guaranteed.

Just remember that typography and identity manuals are hard to plan.
I think YOU MUST HIRE A DESIGNER to make them LESS AMATEUR as we seen here because the public will suspect now that your company is less professional even in other departments.

you don't need to hire Landor but you can't continue to work in this level.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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Qwerty, darling, please don't think I approved of the "looks like a car" idea. I was only pointing out that the poster was deviating from that original concept in favor of something that apparently had no concept.

I do notice, though, that the sample you've posted (and it's very pretty) is similar in feeling to my earlier suggestion that Hives might wish to consider a Bauhaus-y typeface. So you see? We are soul-mates, after all ;-)


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yes, I understand mara.

I think the things goes FLUID... but not so much as Karin Rashid.

we are envolved to search balance in the universe.

I love Numonyx logo because they united curves and angles with smooth elegance with a such freshy breakthrough feeling. =)

yes I'm brazilian xD

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yes I'm brazilian xD

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