please help me with Dreamweaver coding...

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i'm working on my first website and putting it all together in Dreamweaver CS3, here's a link> http://web.syr.edu/~yjdorfma/2history/history.html

the problem: i can't get the text to be centered like the background is

what i've got in there: the background and links were created in Fireworks and exported as an .htm .... i put that into DW and created a table on top so that the copy would fit into the area designated for it [the bulletin looking thing]... in order to get the table on top of the background .htm, i assigned it a class that defines it to be at the absolute top but could not find anywhere to make it centered.. if i do not assign it a class, i can center it but it jumps down and below the .htm background....

any suggestions on how i can fix this?

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To centre a < div >, you can use
.style1{margin:0 auto 0 auto;}
the 2 auto's being left and right which if set to auto will place the content in the middle. They go clockwise, so the first 0 is the top margin, first auto is right etc. You can change the 0 to whatever they require to be.

Might not fix it indefinately as you have a lot of unnecessary code and I only glanced over it. Things like "td img {display: block;}" you should only need one of. The background has no position element so I am unsure as to whether it would be centered in every browser!

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thank you so much for your

thank you so much for your response, i really appreciate it... i tried to make the changes you suggested and ended up running into more problems- in the end i decided to scrap the centering idea and simply made the left margin 100pix

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Your text is not in the box

Put your content to be centered, basically all the content, in a centered div (per previous poster) but follow these instructions:

You need to use css in order for this to work. Try to avoid putting tables within divs, not the best in web practice.

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