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Hi. I Just wanted to share this AMAZING dock I designed for myself by fusing the Venom and Float Docks. I changed the color of the to a minty green/blue. You can change it to any color you want in Photoshop (or Pixelmator!). I don't know why I named it Plasma Dock...I guess it just sounded cool. ENJOY!

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I compressed it because the

I compressed it because the icontainer format isn't supported on creativebits.org.

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It sounds 'cool' but what

It sounds 'cool' but what does it do?

Powerpoint is not a design application

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It's a Leopard Dock. You

It's a Leopard Dock. You need candybar to use it. :) You have a mac, right?

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It has no real

It has no real function...it's just nicer to look at (in my opinion) than Apple's wonderful (but slightly boring) dock.